Course 2 – The Power of II – V – I and How It Can Change Your Life

Few pianists, or musicians for that matter, ever get to the point where they can improvise properly and achieve mastery status. One of the reasons for that is they’ve not received proper instruction on how to go about improvising from a structured point of view. The II – V – I progression will give you the foundation you need to tackle even the most complex of pieces. Without it, it’s a good bet you’ll never become a serious improviser.

Benefit 1

We’ll review your progress with Exercise 1 and discover what effortless mastery truly means. Then we’ll dive into II – V – I, the basis of all improvisation.

Benefit 2

Most pianists have horrible posture, hand and arm position. Learn exactly how to site at the piano to give you power, stamina and awesome dexterity.

Course Instructor

Paul Tobey Paul Tobey Author

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