Finally, music education the way it's supposed to be.

When you’ve reached your plateau, Jazzmentl pushes you further.

We all know that getting good musical instruction and consistent practicing is good for us.

But let’s face it, what’s good for us isn’t always what we do.

At Jazzmentl, we think it’s time to get real.

It’s hard enough to even start a practice routine, let alone fit it into our lives.  Despite our best intentions, there always seems to be something more urgent. Family. Work. That new show on Netflix. We promise ourselves we’ll start tomorrow – and then tomorrow never comes.

Then, of course, who you have to consider who you’re getting your lessons from. These days, most musicians are getting sporadic instruction from Youtube videos and $29/mth learn to play by ear websites. Really? Do you honestly think that you’re going to be a world class artist by investing $29/mth? And then let’s take those people spending tens of thousands in institutions.  Most get assigned a teacher who is not, nor has ever been a real professional.

And one day, you happen upon some Youtube piano sensation that gets 8 million views. This likely makes you crazy at first, but then you start thinking, “This flashy stuff must be what people want, so if I just learn to do that, I could get my own 8 million followers.” But sadly, only 2 things will happen:  1. You give up because it’s just too hard to play, or 2. You actually succeed at copying what they’re doing, but only get 100 Youtube views instead of 8M.

In the short-term, these kinds of failures are Painfully frustrating, Totally demoralizing, And cripplingly futile. In the longer term, this type of behavior has a real impact on our quality of life, our emotional well-being, and our overall mental health.

You should also know that by copying someone else’s playing, or learning someone else’s sheet music, or screwing around with the latest DAW, or even composing some ridiculously complex Etude in Musescore that no one could ever play, will NEVER fulfill your ultimate musical desires.

At Jazzmentl, we know there’s a better way.

Before we show you how Jazzmentl is changing the way you learn, you should know up front that you are already ultimately creative, likely very talented, and fortunately for you, totally unique. At Jazzmentl, we intend to harness that individuality.

Getting better is one thing, being different, and ultimately creative, is something else entirely.

The first part of the Jazzmentl approach will help you learn music from the inside out, understand how it’s put together from a harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic perspective. It’s designed to help you be an uncommonly brilliant improviser, composer, and performer.

The second part  is the emotional, mental, physical and even spirtual side of things. Think about it, who else is going to help you with that?  Even if you’re studying music at a leading university, it’s likely clear by now that no one is going to help you with that. We should know, we’ve been there.

For far too long, the music education system has failed to give most of us what we truly desire, a voice. Your own voice! Did you know that in North America alone, 100,000 musicians graduate each year from university music programs?  Would you care to take a guess at how many of them acutlally become professionals or recording artists? Correct, almost none.

We want you to know that when you’re ready to step into your greatness, well be there.

We’re building the future of music training.

And it’s coming soon to Jazzmentl.

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