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Detailed Video Lessons

Details, details... details. Most of what is seen on Youtube and other music sites is extremely lean on details. To get an idea of what I mean, please read the 5 stages of advanced modern harmonic progression below, because without those details, your playing will always be lacking.

Creative Mindset Training

Ask yourself this question, "Do I want my music to be heard?" If yes, then you need to understand that merely duplicating what you see and hear will not make you an artist. Becoming a true artist requires proper mentoring. As a recording artist myself, I have insights that most do not.


If you want to push a big boulder up a hill, it's nice to know that you can count on others to help you push. The goal of Jazzmentl.com is to create a strong community of like-minded musicians who care deeply about succeeding at their craft.

The 5 Stages of Advanced Modern Harmonic Progression

Stage 1

Tertian Harmony

Sure, we all know what a chord is and how to play one.  But, creating great music requires you to know more than simple chords.  Graduating to another level of improvisational performance requires a very advanced knowledge of harmony. This is the foundation upon which your core competency will be built.

Stage 2


For most people, scales are boring. To a true jazz artist, scales are everything.  You can’t really expect to become a great improviser without learning what scales go with what chords. But for any given chord progression there are many different scale choices, which ones do you go with and why?

Stage 3


All music, even ballads, has rhythm. Rhythm is what makes music stick to your soul.  Unfortunately, almost every young or inexperienced player seems to have the same problem, they’re all putting the emphasis on the wrong beat. And as a result, their music never seems to groove the way it should.  Sure, it’s definitely a feel thing, but it can be learned with accurate instruction and specific repetitions.

Stage 4

Patterns & Riffs

Jazz is a language, and like any language, you need to hear it, understand it, then duplicate it. If you do not learn this language, then your music will always be missing a recognizable sound the the listener is inately expecting. You cannot ignore this.  And frankly, I’ve not seen anyone in the online world come close to providing an intelligent way to go about this. But, the system that I learned, and have honed over many years, will definitely make a huge difference to your playing.

Stage 5

Inspired Creativity

Whatever your musical goals are, when you embrace the first 4 stages you’ll eventually come to a point where music just makes total sense.  At that point, you begin to see that there are no limitations.  You’ll learn to produce music that is infectious, inspiring, original, and ultimately creative. As a former recording artist I’ve felt what this stage is like, I would love it if you could get there and surpass it.

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