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Misty – Erroll Garner – Jazz Piano Reharmonization by Paul Tobey


Elevate your jazz piano skills with this modern sheet music arrangement. Explore diverse chord progressions, including diminished chords and quartal voicings, professionally notated using Finale. Perfect for pianists seeking fresh inspiration and captivating their audience. Don’t miss the accompanying video tutorial for an enhanced learning experience.

This jazz piano sheet music arrangement, of the popular jazz standard “Misty,” is perfect for pianists who want to explore new ways of creating modern jazz piano voicings that are pleasing to the ear. The arrangement features a variety of chord progressions, resulting in an intriguing arrangement that will be appreciated not only by the pianist but also by the audience.

The sheet music is professionally notated using Finale and includes advanced chord symbols to assist in understanding the chords and improvising over them.

Some of the progressions used include diminished chords, the sixth diminished scale, arpeggiated major seventh chords, quartal voicings, and more.

I highly recommend checking out the complete video tutorial located just below.

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