A Latin Jazz Besame Mucho w/Bonus: How to Play Salsa Montuno


Indulge in the vibrant rhythms of Latin jazz with this must-have sheet music download. Featuring an authentic montuno piano rhythm, this Latin jazz rendition of Besame Mucho is a masterpiece that will captivate musicians of all levels.

BONUS SHEET MUSIC: “How to Play Salsa Montuno.”  (A $10 Value)


Downloads this very popular latin jazz sheet music.  This latin jazz version of Besame Mucho that uses an authentic montuno piano rhythm.  If you’ve never played a montuno before, or even if you have, this one is one of the best you’ll ever see.  It’s handcrafted latin jazz at its finest, written in perfect Finale manuscript.  Enjoy!

BONUS SHEET MUSIC: “How to Play Salsa Montuno.”  (A $10 Value) This sheet music contains the montuno from the very basic rhythm right through to the advanced piano montuno that you’re used to hearing on latin jazz recordings.  It’s truly a concise road map on how to learn the basic montuno and progress slowly to the professional level.

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