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The In Crowd Complete Piano Solo Transcription PDF Piano Sheet Music & Bass Drums Backing Track MP3


It’s important to learn this jazz composition because it will help you with your overall time, rhythm and feel.

This very rare sheet music is a complete piano transcription of Ramsey Lewis’ performance in 1965 at the Bohemian Caverns nightclub in Washington D.C.

When you download it you’ll be able to work through his bluesy solo note by note, lick by lick, and phrase by phrase.  It’s a real exercise in learning how to get that blues sound with your piano playing.

If you’ve ever wondered how Ramsey Lewis gets that sound out of a piano, this is the sheet music for you! It comes with a complete bass and drums backing track recording that you can play along with to help you with your rhythm and feel.

To watch the tutorial about this transcription on YouTube click the video below:

Preview Paul Tobey’s recording of “The In Crowd” along with the complete piano solo by clicking here…

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