detour ahead PDF SHEET MUSIC

Detour Ahead is a great jazz standard that has been interpreted by some of the great jazz pianists like Bill Evens on the album Waltz for Debby.

This PDF sheet music includes the melody and chord symbols plus an extra empty bass clef for you to write down your own chords and make your own interpretation.

I’ve also included a link to download the bass & drums backing track that I recorded specifically for this tune.  It includes a 2 bar count, drum riff pickup, 2 choruses, and a slight ritard at the end.  I wrote and recorded the bass line specifically for the changes that you see in the pdf sheet music that’s included.

If you have any questions be sure to let me know. To get your downloads fill out the quick form below.

To see how I interpret new songs from the Real Book watch this tutorial as I focus on the tune Detour Ahead.

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Detour Ahead PDF Sheet Music

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