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& bass/percussion backing track

I absolutely regret not having this Latin music instruction in my early years as a pianist, I could have really used it.  But, since then, I know from experience on the bandstand what makes a great Latin montuno, I’m sharing it with you so that you can progress much more rapidly in this Latin genre than I did!

In this downloadable sheet music, you’ll get piano exercises that take you from the early stages of a simple montuno 2-bar pattern right through to the more advanced arpeggiated right and left-hand patterns.  

In addition to the sheet music, you can grab the 100% authentic Latin percussion and montuno bass backing track that was carefully constructed to help you practice your Latin montuno rhythms on piano.

The bottom line is that you’ll sound like an authentic Latin player by the time you get through this sheet music and tutorial.  

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To watch the complete tutorial for these exercises watch this YouTube video.

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Latin Montunos Sheet Music & Backing Track

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