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Alone Together Jazz Piano Sheet Music PDF, MP3 & MIDI


Alone together is a jazz standard that all piano players should know.  It gets called on the bandstand and jam session a lot because it’s a minor bluesy type song that falls great under the fingers and is good to play at up-tempo speeds.

This sheet music is a re-harmonized introduction played in a rubato feel.  It utilizes several line cliches and leading tones to make your chords sound rich, congruent, and on purpose.  It’s great to learn these types of chord voicings for use in other jazz standards.

Included with this package are:

  • Professionally notated sheet music with chord symbols for improvisation
  • MIDI file download to use with your DAW
  • An MP3 recording of Paul Tobey performing this arrangement.

To see Paul Tobey’s tutorial on how to approach this important jazz standard please watch the video below:

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