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Bill Evans Piano Solo Transcription on Emily Live Peformance in Helsinki 1970


This is a high-quality sheet music designed to help intermediate and advanced pianists improve their skills. The accompanying video tutorial is designed to guide you through the sheet music, providing tips and techniques to enhance your playing. Bill Evans is one of those players who is a master at jazz piano and if you only learn one solo this year, learn this one!

This instantly downloadable PDF sheet music is a transcription of Bill Evans’ entire solo over the tune Emily, a popular standard in 3/4 time. It’s from his trio performance in Helsinki in 1970, an absolutely amazing performance. The transcription includes pages with written fingerings.

I will also include the lead sheet for Emily which will help you learn the tune, it’s form, and the proper changes.

In the video, I focus on the first section of his solo, but the entire solo is available in the downloadable sheet music. The sheet music includes the two-bar introduction that Evans plays at the beginning of the A section, as well as his phrasing throughout the solo. You’ll learn from this transcription that Evans plays triplets and how he uses enclosures, scales, and chords to build his phrases. The sheet music captures these techniques and allows the user to study and learn from Evans’ playing.

If there’s one thing you do this year to improve your playing this is it!

For the full tutorial watch this video:

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