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Blues In The Night Jazz Piano Sheet Music


Elevate your jazz piano sheet music collection with “Blues In The Night.” Featuring jazz blues progressions, authentic blues licks, rich diminished chord voicings, and intricate inner voices, this professionally notated sheet music with chord symbols offers a sophisticated and rewarding experience for the discerning pianist.

Immerse yourself in the soulful essence of jazz with “Blues In The Night” – a meticulously crafted sheet music designed for the discerning pianist. This professionally notated sheet music goes beyond the basics, offering a sophisticated journey through advanced jazz blues progressions that will add an authentic blues sound to your playing.


  • Authentic Sound: Packed with quintessential blues licks and chords, this sheet music has  an authentic blues feel.
  • Advanced Progressions: Move past the standard blues and explore complex jazz blues progressions that challenge your skills.
  • Diminished Chord Voicings: Incorporate rich, nuanced diminished chords.
  • Inner Voices: Experience the subtle beauty of inner voice movements that enhance the overall complexity of your playing.
  • Chord Symbols: Easily follow along and expand your improvisation with clearly marked chord symbols.

Whether you’re preparing for a performance or looking to deepen your jazz repertoire, “Blues In The Night” offers a comprehensive experience for pianists.

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