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Freddie the Freeloader Jazz Piano Sheet Music, Wynton Kelly Transcribed Solo, & Backing Track


“Freddie the Freeloader” is a timeless jazz standard, and this sheet music provides the perfect opportunity for intermediate and advanced-level pianists to learn and perfect their craft.

The included Wynton Kelly transcribed solo and backing track provide valuable insights into the masterful playing of one of jazz’s most revered pianists. This sheet music offers more than just notes on a page; it provides an immersive learning experience that enables pianists to develop their skills and explore new musical possibilities. The backing track provides the perfect rhythm section for pianists to practice their soloing and phrasing, and the transcribed solo offers a clear example of the phrasing, dynamics, and style that make Wynton Kelly’s playing so unique. Get your hands on this sheet music and take your jazz piano playing to the next level.

Watch this video for the full explanation and tutorial.

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