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Freddy Hubbards’ Up Jumped Spring Reharmonized for Solo Jazz Piano

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Elevate your piano skills with Paul Tobey’s reharmonized rendition of Freddie Hubbard’s “Up Jumped Spring.” Professionally transcribed, it features advanced chord symbols for effortless improvisation. Dive into rich chords and progressions, enhancing your repertoire with Tobey’s masterful interpretation.

This is a reharmonized rendition of Freddie Hubbard’s timeless classic, “Up Jumped Spring,” skillfully arranged by pianist Paul Tobey. Immerse yourself in Tobey’s masterful interpretation, meticulously transcribed and professionally notated for your convenience.


  1. Complete Transcription: Every nuance is meticulously transcribed, ensuring an authentic and faithful representation of his interpretation of “Up Jumped Spring.”
  2. Advanced Chord Symbols: This sheet music includes advanced chord symbols, empowering you to explore new avenues of improvisation and musical expression.
  3. Rich Chords and Progressions: Delight in the lush harmonies and sophisticated chord progressions that characterize Tobey’s arrangement, adding depth and complexity to your piano repertoire.
  4. Professional Notation: Crafted with precision and clarity, the professional notation ensures ease of reading and interpretation.

For the full tutorial see the video below.

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