Giant Steps – A Special Chord Arrangement for Jazz Pianists


Experience the timeless brilliance of John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” with our downloadable sheet music arranged for jazz piano by acclaimed maestro Paul Tobey. This meticulously crafted edition caters to intermediate to expert pianists, offering modern chord voicings that breathe new life into the composition.

Introducing “Giant Steps” Downloadable Sheet Music, expertly arranged for jazz piano by the renowned jazz master, Paul Tobey.

Designed for intermediate to expert pianists, this sheet music offers a remarkable opportunity to elevate your playing skills. Paul Tobey’s arrangement incorporates modern chord voicings that will captivate and inspire both performers and audiences alike.

The downloadable format ensures instant access to the sheet music, enabling you to begin without delay. Whether you’re honing your jazz improvisation or expanding your repertoire, “Giant Steps” sheet music by Paul Tobey is an indispensable resource for any jazz pianist seeking to push the boundaries of their musical expression.

For the full tutorial watch this video:

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