I-VI-II-V Bass Drums Jazz Backing Track


It’s important to learn this important jazz progression and this backing track can help you do that and get comfortable with it.

 There Bass & Drums backing track was composed and recorded by Paul Tobey.  It’s a two-bar progression of I-VI-II-V for 16 Bars each in the key F then Bb then Eb.  The first 8-bars of each key is half-time feel then the next 8-bars is straight ahead swung with a walking bass line.  This is recorded at 120 bpm and is great for the pianist who wants to practice and get their fingers around this very important progression in popular flat keys.

There is a complete tutorial on YouTube that talks about how to solo over this progression:

Preview the backing track here with Paul Tobey playing an example of a solo over the progression.

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