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I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Jazz Piano Reharmonization Sheet Music by Paul Tobey


This signature reharmonization by Paul Tobey features rich jazz chords, subtle dissonance, and signature progressions, this arrangement exudes a sultry, moody feel. Elevate your holiday celebration with a fresh twist on tradition, combining timeless charm with contemporary brilliance.

Indulge in the enchanting world of jazz ballads with this reharmonized rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” featuring rich jazz chord progressions that breathe new life into the classic holiday tune. The arrangement artfully weaves dissonance into the fabric of the music, adding a touch of complexity and intrigue.

Discover signature chord progressions that transcend the ordinary, and cast a sultry and moody ambiance that envelops the listener.

This reharmonized version invites you to experience ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ in a fresh and innovative light, where tradition meets the allure of jazz, and the result is a harmonious blend of familiarity and contemporary brilliance.

To watch the YouTube tutorial and discover how these chord progressions are put together, watch this video.

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