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My Foolish Heart Sheet Music PDF + MP3 Backing Track + BONUS SHEET MUSIC


This is Paul Tobey’s own piano arrangement.  It helps you with understanding how to solo using chords structures, passing notes, leading tones, and inner voices.  It also contains advanced chord symbols to understand and interpret the chords as well as a guide for improvisation. 

This is Paul Tobey’s own arrangement of My Foolish Heart, a very popular jazz ballad. The arrangement includes rich chords with leading tones and inner voices to make you sound like a real jazz musician. 

BONUS SHEET MUSIC: There is an additional piece of sheet music that comes with this download.  It’s sheet music with Paul Tobey’s glissandos written out with fingerings so that you can learn to use glissandos in your soloing or over the heads of ballads.  This sheet music focuses on 2 glissandos, the first is based on Bb pentatonic scale and the second is based on a Db major scale.  Both are fast descending patterns that add interest, flavor, and complexity to your playing. To watch the tutorial on these glissandos please watch this YouTube Video.

In addition to the sheet music, we’ll include the exact backing track with bass & drums that Paul uses in his recording.

To review Paul’s recording of “My Foolish Heart” along with the backing track please click the play button…

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