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Silent Night Jazz Piano Solo PDF with Reharmonization!


This exclusive solo piano arrangement by Paul Tobey features a fresh reharmonization and includes an improvised solo chorus. The package includes a meticulously notated 2-stave piano chart using Finale, making it a must-have for a captivating performance. Advanced chord symbols are also provided for easier improvisation.

This professionally notated sheet music is a must-have for your next Christmas concert.  It’s a completely new and original arrangement for solo piano by Paul Tobey, and you’ll love the way it sounds when you get it under your fingers!

What is included in this package?

  • A fully notated 2-stave piano chart professionally notated using Finale.
  • New reharmonization for solo piano.
  • An entire improvised solo chorus by Paul Tobey has been completely transcribed.
  • Includes advanced chord symbols for easier improv.

This is one solo jazz piano arrangement you love to learn and perform!

To watch the tutorial on how the reharmonization is put together please watch this video.

If you would like to hear the entire arrangement and solo performed by Paul Tobey, watch this video:

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