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Three Little Birds Solo Jazz Piano Sheet Music Reharmonization


Experience Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” like never before with Paul Tobey’s expertly crafted jazz piano reharmonization. With advanced chord progressions and unique chord structures, this sheet music is perfect for jazz musicians looking to challenge themselves and explore new musical horizons. The downloadable PDF format makes it easy to get started right away, so you can quickly master this unforgettable rendition of one of Bob Marley’s most beloved songs.

This downloadable PDF sheet music, by jazz master Paul Tobey, is the ultimate reharmonization of Bob Marley’s classic tune “Three Little Birds, ” PLUS Paul Tobey’s own transcribed solo which is 4 choruses long. Now that’s a lot of soloing to learn from!

This sheet music is a full 10 Pages in length and has 16 bars per page of stunning transcription.

With rich chord progressions, chords built in 4ths, and a circle of 5ths chord progression, this sheet music is perfect for intermediate and advanced jazz piano players. Each chord is carefully crafted to add a unique and complex twist to the original melody, creating a one-of-a-kind jazz arrangement that will leave listeners in awe.

The pro player will also appreciate the meticulous detail in transcribing Paul Tobey’s entire solo which is a full 4 choruses long.  Listen below to hear it!

Whether you’re looking to add a new level of complexity to your repertoire or simply looking for a new challenge, this sheet music is guaranteed to impress and satisfy even the most discerning of jazz enthusiasts.

To hear the entire solo jazz piano performance for which this sheet music was created, watch this video.

For the full jazz piano tutorial, which talks about reharmonization and solo ideas, please watch this video.

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