Nancy With the Laughing Face Bass Drum Backing Track Plus Lead Sheet PDF


Nancy with the Laughing Face bass and drums backing track and accompanying sheet music – a must-have for musicians seeking to enhance their jazz skills. Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms of this professionally recorded track, perfect for practicing the head and soloing.

Boost your musical abilities with our convenient digital download MP3 recording! Dive into the immersive bass and drums backing track expertly recorded by Paul Tobey. It’s an excellent tool for practicing the main melody and improvisation. The recording features 4 choruses, giving you plenty of space to explore and hone your skills.

Also included in this download is the lead sheet in PDF format.  It contains the exact chord symbols and melody transcribed by Paul Tobey.

Whether you’re a budding musician or a jazz enthusiast, this practical resource is a must-have. Unleash your creativity, groove to the rhythm, and take your musical journey to new heights with this amazing new digital download.

To listen to the actual backing track play the video below in which Paul Tobey plays the head and solos.

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