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Suggestology Book


Suggestology is a personal and professional development book by Paul Tobey that chronicles the life experiences and training he’s received to attract more success in several forms including financial well-being, professional music, relationships, and more!


What has to happen in your life, professionally and personally, for you to feel really excited and ultimately satisfied with your results? Whether your dream is to be a successful musician, ascend to corporate greatness, live financially free, travel the world in style, or attract your ultimate life partner, you must learn, understand and implement the multitude of concepts contained within this book.

Unlike most other books that focus on either professional or personal development, this book contains both. It goes beyond mere how-to’s and dives into the laws of intention and action. What is Suggestology? It is the starting point for learning and once you finally discover its power, you will never settle for average results again.

The book contains real-life stories and lessons from Paul Tobey’s diverse history of world experiences which have helped thousands of people and companies become ultimately successful.

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