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“The Nearness of You” by Hoagy Carmichael – Solo Piano Transcription by Paul Tobey


Discover the beauty of “The Nearness of You” with this expertly notated solo piano transcription of Paul Tobey’s performance. This 4-page transcription features intricate inner voices, lush drop-2 voicings, and advanced chord symbols, providing a detailed and enriching experience for advanced pianists. Included is an mp3 recording of the performance for reference, making this a valuable addition to any musician’s collection. Download now!


A great challenge for your piano repertoire featuring this exquisite solo piano transcription of “The Nearness of You” by Hoagy Carmichael, performed by pianist Paul Tobey. This professionally notated sheet music offers a meticulous and faithful transcription of Tobey’s captivating interpretation.

Key Features:

  • Complete Transcription: Experience the full beauty of “The Nearness of You” with a comprehensive 4-page transcription of Paul Tobey’s solo piano performance.
  • Professionally Notated: Enjoy the clarity and precision of professionally notated sheet music, ensuring every note and nuance of the performance is accurately captured.
  • Inner Voices: Discover the intricate inner voices that add depth and richness to the arrangement.
  • Drop-2 Voicings: Sophisticated drop-2 voicings that provide a lush, full sound, characteristic of advanced jazz piano techniques.
  • Advanced Chord Symbols: Benefit from detailed chord symbols that offer insight into the harmonic structure of the piece, perfect for advanced players looking to deepen their understanding and improvisational skills.
  • Reference Recording: Included with your purchase is an mp3 recording of Paul Tobey’s performance, serving as a valuable reference to guide your practice and interpretation.

Perfect for intermediate to advanced pianists and jazz enthusiasts, this transcription of “The Nearness of You” is an essential addition to your sheet music collection. Download Now and start exploring the sophisticated beauty of “The Nearness of You” today!

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