The Nearness of You Bass and Drums Backing Track MP3


This bass and drums backing track was created by Paul Tobey to use with the Nearness of You Jazz Piano Sheet Music. Download it today and start practicing your jazz ballad trio playing.

This bass and drums backing track is the perfect accompaniment for this jazz piano sheet music. Here are the features of this track:

  • In MP3 format for easy playback on almost any device.
  • It is recorded at the jazz ballad speed of 60 BPM.
  • The drums are real and are played using brushes with the appropriate drum fills.
  • It contains a 2-bar drums sticks count off: One, two, One, two, three, four, play.
  • It play for 2 entire choruses and has a coda which is aligned with this jazz piano sheet music.
  • For the audofile it’s recorded with a LUFS level of -15.

Download this backing track today and use it to practice The Nearness of You and get ready for your next performance.

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